Fitting, Caring & Cleaning Mite Guard Rx Protectors

It is very important that you purchase the right size of Mite Guard Rx product, as tearing may occur (due to undue material stress) if you attempt to fit a product too small for your bedding.

For correct sizing please refer to the measurements listed on our Shop Online page

Important Information to Know:

  • Sharp finger nails or rings can puncture or tear Mite Guard Rx protectors.
  • Mite Guard Rx protectors need to be fully zipped when in use and are designed to be used with normal bed linen fitted on top.
  • Always ensure that your Mite Guard Rx protector is carefully removed before turning the mattress and that all wooden slats and wire mesh bases are covered to protect the fabric.
  • Do not vacuum the surface of the protector.
  • Please machine wash your Mite Guard Rx protector at 60c and cool tumble dry.
  • Do not bleach, iron and or dry clean your Mite Guard Rx protector.
  • We recommend that you wash your Mite Guard Rx protectors every 6 to 8 weeks.

Fitting Your Mite Guard Rx Mattress Protector

Mite Guard Rx

Ideally two people should fit the Mite Guard Rx mattress protector*. This should be done by lifting the mattress at one end and then gently sliding the protector over.

* please remember to watch your back and don't strain yourself lifting your mattress up.

Washing Instructions (every 6-8 weeks)

  • Machine wash 60c
  • Cool tumble dry
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean