Ultra Fresh
Ultra Fresh

ProTex Technology

ProTex fabric (treated with Ultra-Fresh™) has a unique European design, allowing for maximum protection from dust mites and their allergens, whilst maintaining softness and comfort. With a micro-fibre layer sandwiched between two layers of polypropylene fabric, ProTex combines all the advantages of these space age materials.

ProTex technology offers the following features:

  • Particle barrier : Optimal physical barrier to block allergens
  • Stain resistant : Overcomes the need for regular "hot washing"
  • Air permeable : Allowing for ventilation
  • Fatigue resistant : Designed to offer a long lasting resistance to stress under normal conditions.

ProTex - Works With Your Preferred Bed Linen


You will not have to compromise on aesthetics or comfort when choosing the Mite Guard Rx protection. The soft and comfortable ProTex fabric will allow for the use of your preferred bed linen and natural fillings such as wool and feathers.

ProTex at a Glance

  • A high tech micro-fibre layer sandwiched between two inert polypropylene layers
  • Effective particle barrier
  • Air permeable
  • European design, Australian made