I'm asthmatic..., so what?!
I can still be cool...

Sports-haler™ is an Asthma Puffer CASE for use with Ventolin®* or Asmol®* inhalers, and has been designed for all asthmatics, providing compact, portable and hygienic delivery of asthma medication.

Its unique twist action mouth piece, range of six colours, and ability to accessorise make it an essential for your existing puffer/inhaler.

Is your inhaler clean?
Is it compact and easy to carry?

The retractable twist action mouthpiece is kept clean and dry in a compact and portable design.

It's reusable - when the medication canister is empty simply insert a new canister.

It connects quickly and easily to a range of accessories for active users and comes with a FREE lanyard or belt clip!

Sports-haler™ is available in a selection of colours to reflect the individual user.


the next generation ASTHMA PUFFER

Thanks to its twist open mechanism, it keeps the mouth clean of dust and other stuff found at the bottom of a school bag!

Choose the colour that suits so that your kids are no longer embarrassed to show it at school, giving you peace of mind that they will carry their medication with them!

I use Sports-haler!

  • Secure & Hygienic
  • Robust & Compact, slim design
  • Suitable for use with your Ventolin® or Asmol®
  • Available in 6 trendy colours